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Tara Cale
Letter from me to you!

Good thinking is what helped make us an award winning full service advertising studio. Some creativity and over 25 years of experience didn’t hurt either.

I began my love affair with advertising and marketing during my employment at a large, independently retailer in Rolla, Missouri - Powell’s Lumber and Home Center. This was back before computers were the norm, before graphic design software, before all of the wonderful technology that we have today to make advertising what it is. We sketched out what we wanted the ad to look like by hand, found clip art in a book, cut it out, ran it through a waxer and stuck it to the layout sheets before turning it over to the printer. We were the first company in town to get a computer specifically for advertising purposes - even before the local newspaper and printing companies had them.

I spent almost 20 years with Powell’s, learning the ropes, being trained for the computers and software, attending educational seminars with advertising “gurus” telling how it should be done, and learning from one of the best, one of the company’s owners, Frank Lange.

When Powell’s closed their doors in 2001 after 90 successful years in business I decided to open Studio T, providing the same services for other businesses that I had for Powell’s Lumber and Home Center.

I now have over 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising under my belt, along with many local and national advertising excellence awards. My forte is in visual communications and creative publications but services offered range from the planning and electronic design of corporate advertising and marketing, development and production of company forms, posters, ads, flyers, signage and newsletters and production of broadcast media, to advertising budget and vendor support management, special event development, coordination and execution and more. Studio T now also has a team that can produce high quality, effective websites at a price you can afford, and a top-of-the-line video production company for television commercials and other marketing purposes.

Advertising is a necessity for any business, whether new or well established. It can be overwhelming to try to handle your marketing budget along with the other responsibilities that come with owning a business. Call or send us an email today and find out how we can help you create top-of-the-mind awareness for your company, to gain or maintain your marketing position, to help your business grow or to help keep you successful.

YOUR success is our NUMBER ONE priority!



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