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That's exactly what Kent Jewelry did with this advertising piece from 2006. Designed to look like a full menu from an upscale restaurant, this ad grabbed the attention of many consumers before they even realized it was about jewelry, exposing a large, and new audience to the store.
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Studio T is not an ad agency. We are a independently owned advertising and marketing company with a team of creative professionals with one goal in mind - the success of your business.

Even in the leanest of times, you still have a product or service to sell, and consumers are still buying. The question is not whether you should advertise, but how to do so wisely and effectively, with the resources available. Studio T has been helping businesses do just that for over 30 years.

From business cards to creative and eye-catching print ads, from effective radio and television commercials to a state-of-the-art website to putting together a complete marketing budget and seeing that it is implemented, we can handle any, or all, of your advertising and marketing needs.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation on how we can help your business grow, or continue to succeed.

What our clients say

“This is honestly the first time I felt not only good about spending ad dollars, but like I got what I paid for - and then so much more. Your expertise in planning / layout, foresight and genuine interest in my business was way more than I expected or am used to for that’re simply the best!

Reflecting back to the first time you came into my didn't just walk in my store, give me some ad rates, take my money and produce some inferior layout that made me feel like I just made a donation to an unworthy cause.

I appreciate not only your efforts....but for all you do....THANK YOU!”
Bill Toprani, Gillespie
The Village Toy Chest


"I have had the opportunity to work with a number of very smart and productive people,  and Tara is simply one of the best.  Her innovation in print ad composition won three top  Excellence in Advertising contests, distinguishing our company, and herself, nationwide."
Frank P. Lange, President
Powell’s Lumber and Home Center


"Tara does a great job meeting my deadlines, which sometimes come quite erratically.  I’m  impressed with her design skills and her ability to always find beautiful graphics to enhance  our trip offerings."
Debbie Estey
PC Bees Bank & Travel Club


"We had many comments on how great our mailer looked.  I especially marvel at your ability to take my ideas and turn them into a finished product better than I imagined.  Your good relationship with the local printers makes my projects go smoother and without concern about deadlines or product quality. I look forward to working on many projects with you in the future."
Kent Bagnall
Kent Jewelry

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